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FBSciences FBS Defense™ Technology Registered Under REACH Registration of European Union

October 27, 2020

FBSciences, a global leader in naturally-derived plant health technologies, is excited to announce the registration of its proprietary EPA approved, broad spectrum biopesticide technology, FBS Defense™, under the REACH regulation of the European Union. Implemented with the goal of protecting people and the environment from potentially harmful chemical substances, the REACH Regulation makes industry responsible for managing the risks of these substances in the market, and for providing the relevant safety information to users and consumers. With this registration, FBS Defense can freely circulate on the European market.

FBS Defense™ is the next generation of biological technologies that works within the plant to increase the plant’s ability to defend itself from stresses. This broad spectrum biopesticide improves germination and seedling development, stimulates root and shoot growth, increases chlorophyll content, improves the plant ability to withstand stress, and increases harvestable yields when used alone or in mixtures with nutrients or other pesticide products on field crops, vegetables, fruits, nuts, vine crops , turf, and ornamentals.

“FBSciences is a global leader in developing and commercializing natural, renewable and sustainable biologicals for use in food production.” says Courtenay Wolfe, Chairman & CEO of FBSciences. “Our products can help growers sustainably address the demands of feeding a growing population. This REACH registration brings us one step closer to bringing these solutions to the European market.”

FBSciences has a third biological technology, FBS Gold™, that is also going through the REACH registration process. It has passed the inquiry phase of REACH and the registration dossier is being prepared. 

REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals, and it is managed by the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The registration number for FBS Defense is 01-2120843414-58-0000, and the CAS and EC numbers are 1175006-56-0 and 840-568-4, respectively. A search of registered substances can be executed at

About FBSciences

FBSciences is a global leader in naturally delivered plant health technologies. Our purpose is to harness the power of nature to sustainably transform agriculture globally by producing technologies that are naturally-derived, sustainable, renewable, and environmentally responsible. Our proprietary technologies preserve land and water, while improving crop yield and quality, thereby providing sustainable solutions, both economic and environmental, for the pressing problems of shrinking resources to meet expanding global demand. FBSciences is transforming agriculture and food production globally.


Courtenay Wolfe
Chairman & CEO